The salt quenching roller hearth furnace developed by Yajie is a new generation salt quenching equipment, adopts Yajie many new patents,idely used for bearing industries,automobile parts industries processed by atmosphere salt quenching Martensite and Bainite quenching.

Pusher furnace is used in the heat treatment of gear, bearing, crankshaft and other auto parts, such as carburizing, carbonitriding, tufftriding, or protective atmosphere heating and quenching. Heating method for electric heating or gas heating. Quenching medium can be mineral oil or nitrate. To meet your different requirements, we can also provide multi-process pusher furnace production lines. In one line,the processes including direct quenching, pressure quenching and bainite hardening.

Roller-hearth Atmospherec ontrollable Annealing Furnace are mainly used for atmosphere- controllable spheroidization annealing on a large scale parts of following bearing industry components: bearing ring, running pulley, steel wire rod, tubular product and etc., its spheroidization effect meets high-end customer's demand.

Suitable for various types of gear, gear shaft, bearing ring and other workpiece carburizing and quenching of the protective atmosphere.

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