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Energy Saving Roller Hearth Furnace Heat Treatment Line

Product overview:

The salt quenching roller hearth furnace developed by Yajie is a new generation salt quenching equipment, adopts Yajie many new patents,idely used for bearing industries,automobile parts industries processed by atmosphere salt quenching Martensite and Bainite quenching.


Energy Saving Roller Hearth Furnace Heat Treatment Line

Energy Saving Roller Hearth Furnace Heat Treatment Line

Product general description

The salt quenching roller hearth furnace developed by Yajie is a new generation salt quenching equipment, adopts Yajie many new patents,idely used for bearing industries,automobile parts industries processed by atmosphere salt quenching Martensite and Bainite quenching.

Yajie's salt quenching roller hearth furnace plant is composed by loading table, storage
table, pre-washing machine and dryer, transferring cart, protective atmosphere roller
hearth heating furnace, salt quenching tank, air cooler, water cooler, afterward washing
machine and dryer, tempering furnace, unloading table, salt evaporator etc. The complete
plant could be customized by different combinations to fulfill different requirements.

Product structure and character

● The loader adopts the lifting table designing which makes it easy for operators to load and unload, a weight scale could be added to realize auto recording of the weight to avoid over loading.

● Pre-washing machine adopts the designing of rinsing and spraying and equipped with ultrasound washing system to increase the cleanliness of the surface at maximum to make sure the quality of the appearance.

● Adopting Yajie patent roller and ceramic roller assembly (Patent No. : ZL201420064313.9), fast disassemble structure which could realize the fast exchanging of the lower rollers under high temperature. It makes maintenance more conveniently; the structure could effectively reduce the heat short cut, the energy saving result is obvious; the ceramic roller could reduce the risk of crooked; and also designed with roller breaking detecting system to make customers free of anxious.

● The patent of salt quenching and tempering in the same tank (Patent No. : ZL201410173288.2):

● The patent of quenching and tempering process in the same salt tank which realized the recycling of the thermal to reduce the power consumption.

● The selection of tempering : Yajie's salt quenching roller hearth furnace can customized with different tempering furnace according to different demands and products , they are quenching tempering isothermal within the same tank, roller hearth tempering furnace, chain be lttempering furnace and many more type of furnaces for choice. Yajie 3 floors roller furnace realized the perfect combination of low power consumption and long time tempering process; The chain belt tempering furnace adopts the inner chain belt and the sealed door, compared with traditional chain belt furnace, it could reduce the operation power consumption obviously.

● The selection of quenching method: designed with open quenching and closed quenching for choice, the color of parts after processed is uniform black and blue,the surface color is excellent and the later blasting process could be canceled.

● Full recovery of residual salt, zero emission, good workshop environment, environmental protection up to standards.

● The choice of heating method: Yajie choose priority of high quality heating system supplier domestic and overseas to guaranty the life time and high reliability. According to the actual condition of the customer, the heating mode could be selected flexibly.
The gas heating system has superiority of operation costs.

electric heating furnace

gas heating furnace

Controlling system of the plant

● Visible operation, interface friendly, process setting conveniently downloading.
● tray info and process is traceable at any time and could be stored for more than 10 years.
● Designed with distance maintenance function to realize equipment malfunction online diagnosing.
● Developed with smart phone APP to realize real moving office.

Product specifications

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Energy Saving Roller Hearth Furnace Heat Treatment Line

The salt quenching roller hearth furnace developed by Yajie is a new generation salt quenching equipment, adopts Yajie many new patents,idely used for bearing industries,automobile parts industries processed by atmosphere salt quenching Martensite and Bainite quenching.

Pusher Furnace Heat Treatment Line

Pusher furnace is used in the heat treatment of gear, bearing, crankshaft and other auto parts, such as carburizing, carbonitriding, tufftriding, or protective atmosphere heating and quenching. Heating method for electric heating or gas heating. Quenching medium can be mineral oil or nitrate. To meet your different requirements, we can also provide multi-process pusher furnace production lines. In one line,the processes including direct quenching, pressure quenching and bainite hardening.

Roller Hearth Annealing Furnace

Roller-hearth Atmospherec ontrollable Annealing Furnace are mainly used for atmosphere- controllable spheroidization annealing on a large scale parts of following bearing industry components: bearing ring, running pulley, steel wire rod, tubular product and etc., its spheroidization effect meets high-end customer's demand.

Well Type Carburizing Furnace

Suitable for various types of gear, gear shaft, bearing ring and other workpiece carburizing and quenching of the protective atmosphere.

Controlled Atmosphere Multi-purpose Furnace Heat Treatment Line

The heat treatment line consists of the multi-purpose furnace, cleaning machine, high-temperature tempering furnace, low temperature tempering furnace, charge wagon, stock preparation lift platform, fixed stock preparation deck and furnace control system. The equipment can be arranged in any combination as required by the user. The heat treatment system can be arranged either in a straight line or in a 2-way mode according to user's site condition.

Nitriding Furnace

There are chamber type nitriding furnace, well type nitriding furnace, hood type nitriding furnace can be selected, suitable for different products and working conditions. It is widely used in the nitriding treatment of hydraulic components, wind power gear ring, engine crankshaft, die surface strengthening, clutch friction plate nitriding, anti-corrosion nitriding and other products.

Diaphragm Spring Press Quenching Line

The treatment line is high in automation level and consistency of quality of product,and enjoys a predominant domestic market share.

Rotary Hearth Furnace Heat Treatment Line

Rotary Hearth Furnace is a high-capacity system suitable for treating per cycle a large batch of work pieces. It features the use of a single access door for loading and unloading of work pieces, and the work pieces can be loaded in furnace in an either single or multi-layer mode. The work pieces turn round along with the rotating furnace bottom, and protective atmosphere is used for heating. The line is extensively used for carburization, carbonitriding, scale-free heating of clutch gear rings, spiral bevel gears, bearing rings, and gears pressure quenching, mar quenching and bainite quenching can also be effected when the line works in combination with pressure quenching machine, water tank, oil tank or salt tank. The line has found widespread applications in sectors manufacturing auto parts or bearings.

Fire Resistant Dust Purification System

Yajie technology (tangshan) co., LTD. Production of flame retardant type dust filter is suitable for all kinds of industrial soot purification, particularly suitable for the processing of Soot dust, widely used in heat treatment shot blast machine, casting, welding and other industries such as soot purification, combined with a variety of separation technology, fully meet the environmental emission standards. It is an ideal upgrading product for current flue gas and dust purification.

Flame-retardant Flue Gas Purification System

The flame-retardant gas (or Dust) purification equipment is suitable for purification of various kinds of industrial gases, especially oily soot or various harmful gasses. The equipment is widely used in heat treatment industry and other industries where oil soot is liable to be produced. The equipment operates with a multiple of separation technologies to ensure the gas emission is up to the specified standard. It proves to be a re-generation and upgraded ideal exhaust gas, soot and dust purifying product.

Automatic Limited Quenching

Automatic limited hardening production line is suitable for the production of small variation of bearing ring and gear sleeve in large quantities, which can significantly reduce the allowance of machine adding in the early stage, improve production efficiency and reduce production cost. It is a promising heat treatment process for ring parts.

Industrial Gas Intensive Purification Equipment

In the controlled atmosphere heat treatment sector, natural gas (propane) has found ever-increasingly extensive application. With the demand on quality of heat treatment process becoming ever-increasingly stricter, the effect on quality of processed product produced by the sulphur adverse content in natural gas (propane) has become a public concern. Particularly the effect of sulphur on the formation of nonmartensitic surface on processed product produced by sulphur has been borne out to a large extent. To tackle with the problem, Yajie has developed a kind of natural gas (propane) desulphurization equipment through study over years and incorporation of advanced domestic and overseas technologies in this respect. With the use of this equipment, a supply of natural gas with extremely low content of sulphur can be steadily ensured

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